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Good morning, mumblr tag (& anyone else who may come across this)! Last night I was finally at my wits end. Eli, though he will fall asleep in his crib, always wakes up in the middle of the night and will scream and pitch a fit until I get him out of his crib and put him in bed with me. He’s 13 months and has only slept through the night maybe a handful of times. Usually, I can get him back to sleep, but for the past week he absolutely refuses to fall back asleep unless he’s in bed with me. Help?

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A Whole Year

It’s been an entire year since I logged into Tumblr. I would say I don’t really know where I’ve been or why I left, but that would be a lie. Motherhood stole me and while motherhood still hold me captive, I’ve decided to start writing again, if for no other reason than to document Eli’s life. 

So, let’s play catch up, shall we? Eli is now one year and one month old. He’s smart and wild and the best thing in my life. He can say all kinds of words and has been walking since 9 1/2 months. He makes my world go ‘round. 

Colby and I are no longer anything. He’s an idiot. He’s verbally abusive and at one point, it escalated to physical abuse. I got out. He still sees Eli, but that’s the extent of our relationship. 

I’m currently navigating the dating world, which, let me tell you, is difficult. Add on the fact that I’m a single mom and Eli will ALWAYS come first.. Yeah, it’s rough. We live in a world where everyone just wants to hook up and apparently, I am not a part of this world because that is not what I want. I’m currently “hanging out” with a guy named Jonathan, and while I am certainly crazy about him, we are not exclusive by his reasoning.  

Anyway, a lot has happened in the last year, but that’s where I’m currently at. Questions? Message me. (: 

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Time Flies!

Where, oh where, did this past month go!? It doesn’t seem like I was in labor just a month ago. Looking back at Eli’s pictures, I can’t believe how much he’s changed in such a short amount of time. It’s absolutely mind-boggling. 

For the past week or so, my little man has been getting crazy tummy-aches. I finally figured out that the type of bottles we were using were letting too much air in. Today we switched them and he’s been feeling much, much better and his naps are longer too! I actually had to wake him up to feed him! That NEVER happens. 

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Eli has been asleep for almost three hours, which means he should be waking up to eat here soon. Then this mommy can get some sleep before having to wake back up at four to feed him another bottle and get ready for the trip to Alabama.. 

He just looks so peaceful sleeping right now though.. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Road Trip

Call me crazy, but I’m about to make a road trip with my sweet little baby of not even a month. (The last day of September will be his one month marker.) I’m not talking about a cross-country road trip or anything drastic - just a trip from North Florida to Mobile, Alabama. It’s actually only a six hour drive without stops.

My dad lives in Mobile and can’t make the trip because he works. We decided that since I don’t go back to work for another week, that my sister, Eli, and I would make the trip up there instead. I’m actually pretty excited to see him. It’s been seven months since I last saw him and I wasn’t even showing in my pregnancy. Now, I have an adorable little boy who needs to meet his Grandpa. 

Colby isn’t very happy with it at all. In fact, he didn’t even speak a word to me yesterday because he was that upset. He’s beyond worried something is going to happen to us… a wreck, or a break down, or anything. More than anything, I think he’s worried that I’m not going to want to come back. I’ve tried to reassure him, but he’s convinced himself that I’m going to take Eli to Mobile and end up staying there. I want Eli to grow up here, so there’s not even the slightest chance I’ll be moving to Mobile. Maybe things will get better when I come back. 

Anyway, we’re leaving early in the morning… around 4:30 (which probably means I should get some sleep) and plan on stopping for breakfast and maybe on other time. If all goes well we’ll be there by lunchtime. And then we make the same trip back on Sunday. I’ve packed so much stuff I don’t know if it’s gonna fit or what I’m gonna do with it all! 

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Hunting Season..

As a woman from the south, I’m used to men dropping everything once hunting season rolls around. This year I just can’t deal with it. Colby won’t wake up with Eli because he has “to get up at six in the morning to go hunting”! It’s ridiculous. He comes in from work and then goes and sits in a stand until dark, then comes back in, eats, takes a shower, and goes to bed. I’m getting absolutely no help. And during the day when it’s too hot to hunt where is he? With his friends doing God knows what. 

Eli is a great baby. He barely cries, he sleeps at least four hours at a time, and hardly ever spits up, but when I want to jump in the shower for ten minutes or need a little while to sterilize his bottles, I could use the help. I considered myself lucky last night when Colby held him while I fixed a plate and ate dinner.. It was a total of twelve minutes. Seriously.  

I just wanted to break down in tears last night. I’m overwhelmed. But, after sitting on my bed for a couple minutes rocking Eli with tears brimming my eyes, I realized something. I’m not the one missing out. He is. When Eli cracks those little smiles or looks up at me, I’m not the one who misses the experience. And who’s going to be there when he says his first word or takes his first step? It’s going to be me because my priorities are in order and Colby’s are not. It’s a simple as that. 

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